I’d love to teach you Yoga – any level, whether you’re brand new to Yoga or you’ve been practicing all your life. No matter your physical capabilities, I believe Yoga is the one thing that can improve upon what you already have. Age doesn’t matter one bit – I’ve had students as young as 2 and as young as 94. I’ve had athletes from professional boxers and football players to tennis players and golfers. I believe it is a great compliment to whatever you are already doing, a routine daily practice for everyone. I believe this with all my heart. And now I’m starting  to see the average person agrees with me – the number of people practicing Yoga today, compared to when I started teaching 16 years ago, has increased 1000%. This is very exciting to me because I know that people who practice Yoga are happier, healthier, and much calmer than those who do not. I see this with my own eyes. I hope you will consider starting Yoga with me or someone you connect with that can help guide your practice and take you and your life to another level. IMG_5239IMG_4802IMG_4765 IMG_4440 IMG_4294 IMG_4062 IMG_3475 IMG_3473 IMG_3449 IMG_2928

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