About Jean

Several years ago I had visited a new restaurant and bakery in Southern California and shared my experience on a popular website for restaurant reviews. Well, that was the first and last time I would do that! I was virtually reamed out and criticized by self-pimageroclaimed "critics" saying I must be affiliated with the establishment I reviewed otherwise, why would I say such favorable things? I knew right then and there I was in the wrong place. So I created my own place; a place where I could share my opinion about anything and everything without the threat of mean people turning positive experiences into negative ones. I call it 5 Heart Rating

Most of my life I have struggled with one particular aspect of my personality. Until now! I have opinions on just about anything you can imagine and I have finally found a way to apply this personality trait to something I really enjoy. Along with this seemingly natural ability to critique, I have always had the tendency to try to find the good in things. With my diverse background and many varied experiences in life, I have compiled a list of what I call 5 Heart Ratings. This is a unique, completely subjective rating system in which only the best of the best are featured. My hope is that through my blog I will continue a lifelong passion of bringing attention to great people, businesses, products, services, and experiences by rewarding them with the distinction of a 5 Heart Rating. Take a look at my blog to find out more and please feel free to offer your own suggestions for me to review to see if your recommendation earns a 5 Heart Rating!

In addition to my new blog, I am a special events organizer, a Yoga instructor, an investor, with experience as a stock and options trader, and previous careers in retail management and special events with the Walt Disney World organization. I have had an exciting career as a travel agent and as a professional development instructor at travel trade schools in Florida and Tokyo. I love to cook, especially bake, having been a professional baker in one of the best french bakeries in the country. I have years of fundraising experience and have lived and studied in Japan and speak the language. I am a 2nd-degree black belt in the martial art Aikido, and have traveled all around the United States and abroad. I have managed world-class bed and breakfasts and currently run an events management company, presenting unique wine and wellness events in the United States, Europe, and Japan. I have also been a "mystery shopper" in the hospitality industry offering my opinion regarding fine dining and resort accommodations and amenities.  Over the years I have guided  several groups through Europe and Japan. In  my spare time, I have coached high school and Special Olympics tennis and find great passion in helping others lead a healthful, happy life. Oh, and my daughter said I should mention I am a mom, which is the single most important aspect of who I am. My son, a professional poker player and my daughter, a ballet dancer with aspirations to become a doctor, now serving in the Peace Corps in West Africa, are both 20-somethings living their dreams. I could not be more blessed.