♥ What the heck is a 5 Heart Rating? ♥

"A real life is not getting what you want; the achievement, the privilege, too, is knowing what you love." ~ Marisa de los Santos

5 Heart Rating was created with the intent to bring only positive attention to people, places, and things in this world that have made that extra effort to be the very best they can possibly be.

Bombas Socks

"Socks are the most requested item at homeless shelters." The Bombas website found here: https://bombas.com/pages/about-us is not the first place I have heard this. So I'm guessing it's true. Sure makes sense. Bombas wanted to make an impact in their community here in the U.S. so for every pair you purchase, they donate a pair to someone in need. Which is just one benefit of purchasing Bombas socks.  In addition to the 7 million+ socks they have donated, according to their website they made Read more [...]

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate dipped strawberries are a fairly new discovery. In 1960 a woman named Lorraine Lorusso combined chocolate and strawberries to create this simple yet decadent indulgence. Lorraine worked at a small gourmet store called the Stop N’ Shop in Chicago. She took the chocolate served in the store and dipped the seasons’ freshest berries into the mixture. She allowed the chocolate to harden and then served them to paying customers. The treat was an instant success. If you have never made Read more [...]

Marcella Vivrette Smith Park

I've always said you can judge a restaurant by two things: 1) the dessert and 2) the restrooms. So when we stopped at the restroom before parking at Marcella Vivrette Smith Park and my daughter came out saying it was the nicest public restroom she had ever used I knew the park was going to be amazing. Which was really already apparent as we drove in. Tennessee knows how to do public parks. Every one I've visited is beautifully maintained and it is apparent visitors treat them with appreciation Read more [...]

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

It's not often I find something I find purely entertaining on TV. I don't have cable or regular TV so I only binge watch programs on Netflix, Hulu, and PBS. Until Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee was released just recently on Netflix I didn't even know it existed. It is so good!  One of the things I like about it is that I either actually know of the comedians on this show or I know of the work they have done. It's actually nice to see some of the comic geniuses from behind the Read more [...]

Japanese Candy

Japan is really good at a lot of things. One of them is candy. I promise, you can go to the candy section at any Japanese food store and just pick any candy on the shelf and it will be so good. The candy is quite creative and so is the packaging. It's not as sweet as American candy and the flavors are distinct. Especially if there is fruit involved. Strawberry actually tastes like biting into a fresh strawberry. Kiwi tastes like it was just picked from the tree. (Did you know kiwi actually has Read more [...]